This season makes most of us naturally think of giving thanks for everything in our lives. Here at our surrogacy agency, Shared Conception, we truly think that there is much more to be thankful for than we initially assume.


Okay, now we know this is a very popular and cliché answer,  but ask yourself these questions: What does my family do for me? Where would I be without them? Are they supporting your surrogacy or your intended child? It is the unconditional love that exists between the members of a family which makes these relationships so incredible.  Please do not take one moment for granted while you are with your family this holiday season! And also, do not be afraid to express your gratitude to them whether in person, via text, by letter or a quick phone call. It will mean the world to them.


These are other relationships that go unnoticed and unappreciated all of the time. When was the last time you said “Thank you!” to your best friend for always texting you back or replying to your Facebook posts? It goes without saying that our friends put up with a lot for us, and they still love us anyways. After all, how many times have you texted or called them regarding your pending surrogacy journey? This season try to thank your friends with a simple note or hug to let them know that you really do care.

A Peaceful Home

We understand that your own home may not be literally  "peaceful" but take a moment to understand how blessed you are to live where you do. Many people across the world are living in areas of poverty, mass destruction, and immoral chaos. Do not take this blessing lightly anymore. Instead, be thankful for every moment, even the most frustrating.

Happiness and Laughter

There is no greater gift than a smile. During this time of year, soak up every laugh and giggle you can. Be thankful for the happiness you are able to share with those around you and share that with the world around you. You never know who needs a smile, and you could definitely brighten someone’s day by flashing those white sparkly teeth their way.

Food and Health

We are assuming that none of you have truly experienced extreme hunger like many children do in other countries. Although you may not like broccoli and squash, be mindful that the food you are given or the food you buy is keeping you strong and healthy. Especially during this holiday season, give extra thanks for the food you eat.

Our surrogacy agency, Shared Conception, is thankful for our industry and we are super thankful for all of you!