Being a surrogate is a loving and selfless thing to do. Surrogates know that giving this wonderful gift will come with some personal inconvenience for them and their family. One of the major factors of difficulty that you may face as a surrogate, is traveling while pregnant. Your contract will outline specifics, and you will legally agree to your limitations; which can be outside of your doctors’ restrictions. If you are planning on traveling during your journey, it is important to talk to your doctor ahead of time as well as checking your contract for travel stipulations.

The biggest tips we can offer to you when traveling is this:

  1. Stretch!Long trips can be wearing on your pregnant body. Get up, move around and stretch every 2 hours. This will help avoid developing blood clots and improve circulation. Ask your doctor about decompression stockings for long plane and car trips. They are not pretty, but may help blood flow. If you are driving, plan for plenty of rest stops for bathroom breaks and stretches.
  2. Purchase Trip Insurance. Avoid any monetary backlash by purchasing trip insurance when available. This will reduce your stress. If there are any unforeseen complications before your trip, you will be able to get a refund and take your trip at a more convenient time.
  3. Choose an aisle seat. Whether on a bus, train or plane, choose an aisle seat. You have better accessibility to the restroom and it will be easier for you to get up and down.
  4. Dress comfortably! Wear loose, breathable clothing and comfy shoes. Don’t be afraid to bring your slippers for plane rides and hotel rooms.
  5. Records. Bring a copy of your prenatal records – just in case!
  6. Enjoy!Worrying will get you nowhere!

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