Surrogacy with donor sperm or eggs is used by many intended parents when unable to create their own embryos. It’s a great alternative when considering other ways to create, build or extend your family through surrogacy.


Using an Egg Donor

Egg donation for intended parents is sometimes necessary when the female intended parent responds poorly to ovarian stimulation or has significantly diminished ovarian reserve. An egg donor is typically a young, healthy woman who agrees to donate her eggs but can still carry a child. Once the donor’s eggs have been retrieved and tested, an embryo is created from the intended father’s sperm (sometimes a donor sperm; see below) and then implanted into the surrogate through IVF. Donor eggs and a gestational carrier can also help gay couples become parents.


Using a Sperm Donor

One of the most common situations where sperm donation comes into play in surrogacy is when a couple cannot create an embryo due to poor sperm quality or quantity. A sperm donor is found through a sperm donor agency and medically evaluated by a third-party reproductive clinic. Donors undergo extensive screening, including a review of his family’s medical history, and a semen analysis to determine sperm quality. Sperm banks also provide details about each donor’s education, appearance, hobbies, and interests. You can use this information to select the best donor for your family. Sperm donation can also help LGBTQ+ couples or women who are single moms.


Using a Donated Embryo

Many individuals and couples who used IVF have remaining embryos that have been frozen and do not plan to use in the future. These individuals or couples may decide that they would rather donate the embryos to another couple or individual rather than destroy them, donate them to science, or continue to store them indefinitely.

There is a varying amount of information available about the donors that created the embryos including, social, educational, personal, and family medical history.

There’s no right or wrong way to achieve your dreams when it comes to having a child. Donor sperm, eggs, and embryos allow an individual or couple to become parents when it may not be possible otherwise. If you are interested in finding a surrogate, let Shared Conceptions make your dreams of a family a reality. Give us a call today, and we will help you get one step closer to the child you have always wanted. Visit for more information.