Valentine’s Day stands out as one of the most cherished gift-giving holidays to express love and appreciation. valentine's day gift ideas for surrogatesFrom candy hearts to rose bouquets and extravagant jewelry, the ways to express love are limitless. While commonly associated with romantic love, Valentine’s Day is an ideal opportunity to convey affection and gratitude to anyone who enriches your life with love. For intended parents, this day becomes a meaningful occasion to acknowledge the surrogate mother carrying their child.

Selecting a Valentine’s Day gift for your surrogate is a small yet heartfelt gesture to demonstrate your appreciation for the love she contributes to your family. Beyond the conventional roses and candy, there exists a myriad of personalized gift ideas. Here are some standout suggestions for Valentine’s Day gifts tailored for surrogate mothers:

  1. Pregnancy Survival Kit: Craft a thoughtful pregnancy survival kit designed to enhance comfort during pregnancy. Including items like ginger candies for nausea relief, comfy clothes, moisturizing lotion, compression socks, books, gift cards, sleep masks, or personalized postpartum recovery items showcases your consideration for the surrogate’s well-being.
  2. Personalized Pictures: A framed photo or album becomes a timeless keepsake, preserving the unique connection between you and your surrogate. Alternatively, consider gifting her and her family a professional photo session.
  3. Handmade Gifts: For a truly special touch, consider creating handmade gifts that convey your heartfelt gratitude. Whether you’re skilled in crafts like knitting, jewelry making, painting, or even music, let your creativity be inspired. If crafting isn’t your forte, online marketplaces like Etsy offer a plethora of unique and personalized handmade gifts.
  4. Food: Sometimes, the best way to express care is through nourishment. Utilize online food delivery services to send food gift baskets, pre-prepared gourmet meals, or fresh delights from nationwide restaurants. Alternatively, if you live close enough to your surrogate, prepare a heartwarming meal for her and her family.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all intended parents and surrogate mothers!