The relationship between you and your surrogate is a special one. If you are an intended parent matched with a surrogate or if you are an individual who is part of a surrogate’s support system, there is a lot you can do to positively support a surrogate. 

Here are some ways to a healthy and happy surrogate.

Random Acts of Kindness: Surrogacy is a selfless gift. Show her your admiration or appreciation through an unexpected gesture. Some ideas include gift cards for a manicure or pedicure (depending on the trimester), restaurant gift certificates to treat her and her family to a night out or deliver a meal to her home so she does not have to cook for her family. 

If you are the primary support person (husband or partner) for a surrogate, take on dish duty after dinner, rub her aching legs and feet or just ask her what she needs. Keep in mind, it’s the simple things that can make for one happy pregnant lady. 

Communicate regularly: Letting your surrogate know what is going on in your life as a parent-to-be such as: preparing the nursery, choosing between colors or even buying that first outfit can make her feel appreciated. Getting to know her better will increase your level of comfort in your relationship.

As part of her support system, a blossoming belly may need a conversation that does not have to do with her pregnancy. Telling her a story about your day may be what she needs to keep her mind from her discomforts, aches and pains. 

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