There is a lot to consider after making the final decision to use a surrogate. Shared Conception works effortlessly to match you with your most perfect surrogate. Your relationship with your surrogate will be unique and can provide you with the most rewarding outcome. When meeting with potential surrogates, what qualities should you look for in a surrogate mother?

Your average surrogate is a generous and caring woman who values family and has a desire to give the gift of a child and help create a family. Surrogates come from many walks of life. All have had at least one child, most come from medium-income households, and are either single or married. Education levels vary.

Of course you want your surrogate to be healthy and have a lifestyle free from drug/alcohol abuse and smoking. Doctors will require an appropriate Body Mass Index (BMI) and that she has had at least one (uncomplicated) pregnancy. Those are just some of the medical requirements. There are also other requirements such as: What are her feelings towards the important issues that may come up during the surrogacy journey, and do they align with yours? How many times is she willing to go through IVF? Does their spouse, friends and family support them?

Choosing the right surrogate is crucial. The most important advice we can give Intended Parents, is to go with your gut. If you have any reservations – feel free to express your feelings to us and we can introduce you to other surrogates. Give us a call today to set up a free consultation. We will guide you the whole way through!