There is not one, common denominator that stretches across all intended parents. Like most things, each intended parent, couple and situation is unique and different.

However, at Shared Conception we get asked sometimes, “Who are the intended parents? Who comes looking for a surrogate?”

There are a few categories intended parents sometimes fall into. First, there are couples who have had problems getting pregnant on their own. Whether because of past medical problems, or not being able to carry a baby to full term, some women’s bodies can not produce a baby.

Other women who come to Shared Conception have had medical issues such as having her uterus removed or not being born with a uterus. These women look toward surrogates to fulfill their wishes of having a biological baby.

Some couples try IVF treatments without success. This can sometimes be a costly and highly emotional avenue to take in order to have a baby. If successful treatments are not met, these types of intended parents also look toward surrogates to help.

Some intended parents are also homosexual couples who cannot conceive of child.

Whatever the case, Shared Conception is ready to help intended parents become families. Ready to find out more? We’re here to help.