As a surrogacy agency who consistently works with surrogates, we thought you all would enjoy scenarios of surrogate encounters with the public on an average day.

Many surrogates have had encounters with acquaintances that can be awkward. When you decide to embark on a journey, usually your support system consists of close friends and family, but what about everyone else? The neighbor you only talk about the weather to? Your son or daughter’s sports coach? The supermarket checkout clerk that you see on a weekly basis? Your bank teller?  How will they react?

The topic of surrogacy definitely sparks curiosity but can also raise controversy. Just be aware of your audience. Not everyone is going to agree with your choices, just like agreeing on a political figure or PTA President.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. You can answer questions like, “How are you feeling?” “Is it a boy or a girl?” “When are you due?”, completely honestly without diving into a complete conversation about the intimate details about being a surrogate. Or,you can use these questions as an opportunity to educate someone on the process, but be prepared to answer what sometimes may seem like invasive or probing questions.


At Shared Conception, we have found that people will always amaze you; for better or worse. Our surrogacy agency has found that it’s usually for the better. And what’s more amazing is that surrogacy is becoming more mainstream. People tend to just be more curious these days instead of ignorant or closed minded.  Get in contact with us, we are happy to talk to you about surrogacy!