The purpose of surrogate mothers is to carry a baby, as in pregnancy, for nine months for a parent or parents who cannot have children on their own. The mechanics and the legality of it can be clearly written down on paper for all to see. However, surrogate mothers are giving one of the most precious gifts that anyone can give to an infertile couple – a biological child of their own. The rigors of physical exams, pregnancy and finally giving up the child after birth can only be endured by a sincere willingness of surrogate mothers to do this. So why do they do it?

Surrogate Mothers Enjoy Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience. It lasts nine months, but can sometimes feel like a very long time. For other moms, pregnancy is a very short time to create a totally independent human being. They love being pregnant and enjoy every minute of it. They feel some of the discomforts of pregnancy, but can manage them well. Each pregnancy is different, but surrogate mothers relish pregnancy because they take the best of the emotional and physiological changes and use them to become a better person.

Surrogate Mothers Empathize With Women Unable To Have Children

Once a couple finds out that they are infertile (or one of them is), it can be devastating. Others have difficulty conceiving, but still can conceive with fertility drugs. Then comes the agonizing month after month of no results or worse – miscarriage. Couples can put their lives on hold while at the same time withdrawing from friends and family, even each other. Some surrogate mothers understand how this can rip a person inside. They may have experienced it for themselves. They may have seen it tear apart marriages or plague women with depression.

The reasons that surrogate mothers choose to carry for someone else are as varied as the women themselves. One thing is for sure – surrogate mothers do a very unselfish act for another. Is there any way to repay them? Yes – raise that miracle baby to be the best person they can be.