It is common to give surrogacy gifts to both surrogate mothers as well as to intended parents. (And don’t forget the surrogate babies!) From gift baskets and surrogacy t-shirts to commemorative trees and Kodak photo books, there are countless gifts for all parties involved!

A surrogate journey, ending with the birth of a baby, is in itself a gift, for everyone. No material gift could compare for anyone involved, including the surrogate.

Gift giving, however, is a very common custom in many families and cultures. Surrogacy is no exception.

Many surrogate mothers and intended parents would like to give surrogacy gifts to one another as symbols of their friendship, extreme gratitude,  as a welcoming gift or just as a thank-you.

Not every surrogate pregnancy involves gift giving, but most do.

Gifts can be surrogate mom gifts, gifts for intended parents, for the surrogate babies or even the surrogate mother’s children. They do not have to be expensive. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Happy gift-giving and happy holidays from all of us at our surrogacy agency, Shared Conception!=