We know when you Google “Surrogacy Agency,” a person can become overwhelmed with the results. There are lots of surrogacy agencies and choosing the “best” one is sometimes a daunting task in itself. However, we believe Shared Conception is the best option as a surrogacy agency and we’re ready to prove it to you.

First, we take our job so seriously. We work hard to match surrogates with their intended parents. This step is so crucial and important to the entire surrogacy journey. Finding the right fit for both parties is one of our many strong points. We excel in finding the right surrogates with the right intended families. A comprehensive questionnaire and interview process is only the beginning aspects of this process.

We screen both intended parents and surrogates to find out about their personalities, beliefs and ethics. This is just one way we make sure a perfect match is made.

Second, we are here for both the surrogates and intended parents through the entire journey. Whether emotional or physical support is needed, we are always available.

Third, we refer you to the best professionals in the business including top notch attorneys and psychologist They know how to cross their “Ts” and dot their “Is” when it comes to the psychological evaluation and the legal agreement.We want to make sure both the intended parents and the surrogate are comfortable with the documents, contracts and paperwork.

Ready to get started on the journey through surrogacy? Shared Conception is your best place to start.