It’s already November, and although many want 2020 to be a year of the past, let’s not rush past Thanksgiving. This amazing “eating holiday” can be the best day of a pregnancy! Think about it; it’s like an endless buffet with delicious and sometimes endless leftovers!

Why Thanksgiving is great when pregnant

Eat like a queen (and don’t cook or clean). You are pregnant. You are tired. Especially after a fabulous meal. Maybe….and this is just a suggestion, you should nap. Although a nice walk in the cool autumn weather can be good for your digestion and make room for dessert!

Have seconds, thirds…..It’s nice to overeat on this holiday, some eat in abundance no matter a pregnancy during T-day dinner. But when you’re pregnant, it’s perfectly acceptable to have thirds of stuffing.

Take home those leftovers! Not only will you be stocked for a few days and not have to worry about cooking, you can also savor this wonderful and delicious holiday for a few more days.

Comfy and cozy. Maternity clothes were designed for this holiday. Especially after that second slice of pie. While everyone else is undoing belts and buttons, you can be thankful for those elastic waist pants or leggings.

Some pregnancy tips for Turkey day:

Stay hydrated. In order to prevent eating so much you feel like you are going to burst, drink plenty of water before your meal. This can help you feel fuller so you are less likely to overdo it.

Pumpkin pie actually is good for pregnant women. Well, at least the pumpkin part. Pumpkin helps regulate blood sugar. Making a pumpkin sauce or soup is less of a sugary path for pumpkin. It may help reduce selling and cramps in your legs. It’s rich in calcium and zinc which is good for your baby.

Stay away from salt. Sodium affects water retention and blood pressure. To minimize puffy legs and swollen ankles, don’t add extra salt to your plate.

Don’t eat the stuffing from inside the turkey. To avoid salmonella and E.coli, cook the stuffing (or request to have some) cooked outside of the bird to be on the safe side.

Most importantly, have a great time with your friends and family. Interested in learning more about surrogacy? Give us a call today. We want you to be informed, fulfilled and satisfied knowing you can contribute to the world in a unique and precious way.  Also, you can visit to find out more information!