Families are the foundation of our society and culture. Many of our endeavors and motivations are fueled by our need to support, enjoy and provide for our families. Competent surrogacy agencies, such as Shared Conception, diligently work hard to ensure that both the surrogate mothers and the intended parents are mutually satisfied and happy. Here are five reasons you should be grateful for your surrogate.

1)   Surrogacy allows same sex couples to fulfill their personal dreams of creating their own  family.  In most of the cases, if not for the kindness and generosity of surrogate mothers, coupled with efficient surrogacy agencies, these amazing families would not exist.

2)   Even though you, yourself,  are unable to go through the pregnancy process, your surrogate allows you to have your own children. Through the gift of surrogacy, your baby can have a genetic link to one or both parents.

3)  Your surrogate helps to overcome the constraints of age thus  allowing you to have healthy children later in life. Pretty amazing!


 4)  Regardless of any  health or infertility issues, the woman you all chose as your surrogate, allows you to have babies.  You can’t help but appreciate your surrogate!

5)  Through your surrogate, you get to somewhat experience the joy of childbirth and  then you get to  leave the hospital with your baby. Surrogacy, the gift that keeps on giving!

Shared Conception fully and enthusiastically  supports our intended parents and are super grateful for our surrogate mothers. We look forward to creating more families and memories!