Shared Conception emphasizes how necessary it is to have an established support network when undertaking the role of a surrogate mother. Yet, there is another kind of support that every surrogate needs besides a close network of supportive friends and family. It’s called support-wear.

After all, support wear helps you feel more comfortable, confident and is better for both surrogate and baby. With a plethora of comfort-inducing support-wear here is what to look for.

Belts and Bands

Bulging bellies are beautiful but can become uncomfortable. As you grow, your ligaments and muscles move and stretch. This can result in hip, abdominal back, and leg pain. Maternity belts and bands not only provide support taking the stress off of the aforementioned areas but offer compression. The gentle compression of a belly band can help support the uterus and reduce discomfort when completing daily tasks and everyday movement. But don’t keep that band on too long or wear one that is too tight. Too much compression on the abdomen can impair circulation. Always consult your doctor when purchasing or wearing any support wear.

Tops and Tunics

Freedom can be found in your choice of tops. Although tight-fitting shirts can show off that bump, a soft breathable one can keep you cool and comfy. Don’t forget that even non-maternity tops with empire waistlines can at least last throughout the first or second trimester. Look for stretchy fabrics, maybe even size up so they can be worn throughout the majority of your pregnancy and even postpartum. Also, with ever-changing body temperatures, investing in a couple of camisoles or light jackets will help when your body’s temperature fluctuates.

One of the areas guaranteed to grow is our breasts. Some women advance multiple cup sizes, while others just want a bra that doesn’t have underwire. Back, neck, and shoulder pain can be the result of an unsupportive bra. A bra that offers support is essential for your back. Make sure your bra has wide straps, with a good band and several clasps to accommodate your ever-growing boobs.

Maternity Support Bottoms

In this day and age, you can be pregnant and remain fashionable from the bottom up. Maternity pants are designed to complement and support your changing body. Many include belly bands that stretch up over the entire waist. Leggings, joggers, jeans, shorts, and work pants come in all different styles and sizes that can be worn throughout pregnancy and even afterward.

What can also make a difference? A good pair of underwear. Similar to supportive pants and shorts, high waist maternity underwear can support the belly, thigh area, and groin. And again, panties should provide support, but not be too tight. If you find marks left on your skin from any type of clothing, it might be time to size up. Your body changes throughout every step of pregnancy, you will have to get different sizes throughout your journey.

With a careful choice of attire, you can feel supported and comfortable throughout your journey. Always consult a doctor if you feel any chronic discomfort. If you would like to inquire with Shared Conception about becoming a surrogate, your journey can begin by filling out an application request form. Visit for more information.