Planning a C-section? 

We all have our ideal labor and delivery planned in our heads or on paper. As a surrogate, this would not be your first experience with labor and delivery. Some of us have to deliver via cesarean due to medical conditions or previous C-section births. Other times, again due to complications, or if the baby is breech, an unexpected C-section is necessary.

To not be able to birth a child naturally is a concern to some. For the sake of your body and the baby, although perfectly safe, it’s not ideal. You may be in a position where it is the only option, and sometimes it is. You may not know that there are options when it comes to cesareans, and one is a gentle cesarean.

What is a gentle cesarean? 

This procedure is less of a major operation and closer to a vaginal delivery. The surgical aspects are still the same, but this allows you or your intended parents the ability to see and touch the newborn as soon as possible. Of course, this depends on your comfort level when giving birth and requires a little more planning with your intended parents and the labor and delivery team. Some doctors even allow the baby to wriggle around as they would in the birth canal before being scooped out. This allows a bit of a squeeze to get the extra fluid from the lungs expelled.

From a surrogate standpoint, this can also prevent your arms from being tied down, which is common in a C-section operation.

*If you are planning a cesarean, you will want to discuss this option with your intended parents and, most importantly, your healthcare provider.

Gentle C-sections are gaining popularity with many women. It’s aimed to bridge the gap between traditional C-sections and natural births. It only takes about 5 minutes longer than traditional c-sections and should not cost more. As always, talk with your intended parents and health care provider or Shared Conception.

No matter how you give birth, the outcome is the same: a miracle. Interested in learning more about surrogacy? Give us a call today. We want you to be informed, fulfilled, and satisfied, knowing you contributed to the world in a unique and precious way. Also, you can visit to find out more information!