Is It Hard to Give Up the Baby?

As a two-time surrogate, this has always been the first question asked after anyone finds out that I have been a gestational carrier. The short answer is “no.” I became a surrogate to help fulfill someone else’s dream of having a family. I was performing a service that the intended parent could not. It was my job to care for, nurture and help grow their precious cargo that I carried for 39 weeks. After all, I had my own children to come home to and care for.

And to be honest, my favorite part of the surrogacy journey was seeing the doctor hand the baby to the intended parents. In both cases, it took years for these parents to have their baby put into their arms. I was elated to have been a part in the creation of their family; which I still am a part of today.

Being a surrogate is not for everyone and not just anyone can do it. On top of being medically evaluated, my husband and I went through a psychological evaluation to ensure that we were both mentally prepared for the journey. Some people I have talked to, cannot even imagine doing anything like it. I only wish they could have walked a mile in my shoes. I found support and a common bond, through Shared Conception, with many strong, beautiful and empowering women like myself. All of us have loved being a surrogate and giving the gift of life to a family.

I always loved being pregnant. I knew this was something I could do. I loved my first surrogacy journey so much, that I did it again! I thoroughly enjoyed making someone’s dream, a reality. If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, I highly recommend Shared Conception. Their experience and expertise in the process made me feel completely supported and is the reason I chose to do another journey.

Interested in learning more about surrogacy? Give them a call today or visit! Even if you have questions, ask for a quick, no pressure consultation by phone.

– Written by Courtney; a Shared Conception surrogate