Surrogates are women warriors. They help build and create families for those that have faced fertility challenges or are unable to conceive. After birth, the giving does not have to stop. Many surrogates give their breast milk to their surrogate babies or prefer to pump in order to aid in the healing process after birth. Some find themselves with an abundant supply of breast milk and there is so much that they can do with it.

Before formula was introduced, a mom unable to breastfeed, called upon a wet nurse. In this case, so very long ago, it was the only option. Little was known about the benefits of breastfeeding for a newborn – and then the practice was completely eliminated with the introduction of formula. Today, there is so much research dedicated to the benefits and healing powers of breastmilk. If you have an extra supply, there are many babies in need of this “liquid gold.”

Your breastmilk can help save lives. The topic may seem taboo but the safety guidelines and screening process for donor milk can put new parents at ease.

How can I donate my breastmilk to another baby?

Contact the suggested milk banks provided in this blog or look for a reputable bank in your area. Most banks require a phone interview to review your health history, a release form from your doctor, blood work to rule out infectious diseases, and other eliminating factors. Some banks require the surrogacy agency to sign a form stating that you were a surrogate with them.

Most donation banks have milk deposit locations or provide overnight shipping at no cost to you. Many milk banks work regionally and even nationally.

Where can I donate?

You can contact either of the milk banks below in Texas to get started. When you contact the milk bank, the staff will guide you through the screening process. Mothers Milk Bank also serves nationally. The link here will provide their other national banks.

Prolacta Milk Bank (National milk bank)

Mothers Milk Bank of North Texas

Mothers Milk Bank at Austin

Take precaution

The demand from parents for breastmilk is high. Many parents who cannot breastfeed for a variety of reasons search high and low for this precious food source. The FDA issued a warning to parents recommending they do not buy breastmilk from the internet. There are many reliable milk banks that put the donated milk through an intense testing and screening process ensuring that the milk received is safe for your baby.

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