After the IVF process comes the 2-week wait. This is when the embryo will hopefully implant and begin to grow, while you nurture and care for it. After this wait, you take your first clinical blood test to confirm pregnancy. This may feel like the longest 2 weeks of your life. It doesn’t help that in many cases, you are required to be on bed rest for three days following the procedure. It can be maddening and you may be tempted to take a home pregnancy test on your own. Before you do this, please consider the intended parents. Some intended parents prefer that the surrogate not take a home pregnancy test so they can get the results with the blood test.

However, for those who do take a home pregnancy test before their first blood test, here is the scoop.

Home pregnancy tests measure the presence of a pregnancy hormone that is produced by the placenta in your urine, called hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. Although the tests may be able to detect the hormone in your urine and give you a positive result, most tests aren’t sensitive enough to guarantee you accurate results.

The following tests are the best on the market according to the New York Times:

First Response Early Result – Most sensitive, easy to read

The First Response Early Result manual test is the most sensitive over-the-counter pregnancy test you can buy. It gives accurate results as or more quickly than most of the tests we considered and is just as easy to read as a digital test.

Clearblue Rapid Detection – Nice design, less sensitive

This test has a nice, usable design, with a big sponge tip, but it’s harder to hold and less sensitive than the First Response manual test.

ClinicalGuard HCG Pregnancy Test Strips – A cheap supplemental test

Cheap and simple, you can blow through a ton of these strip tests without spending much. But they don’t have the lab-verified accuracy of more expensive tests.

 Some surrogates start testing as early as five days post transfer but beware that the line may not show up that early or it may be extremely faint!

Whether you decide to wait for the blood test or try one of these home pregnancy tests, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for you and hoping for a safe, happy and successful surrogacy journey! Interested in learning more about surrogacy? Give us a call today or visit and let’s talk!