Part 3 : Transfer, Pregnancy & Delivery

The Embryo Transfer

The IVF clinic will guide you with instructions about the embryo transfer process, all the medications needed, and their expectations of you. There are several aspects of the embryo transfer process.

  • You may be asked to take contraceptives, and possibly Lupron, to prepare you for the embryo transfer.
  • Multiple subcutaneous and intramuscular injections will be administered during the embryo transfer cycle until the end of the first trimester.
  • You will be asked to take estrogen and progesterone in the form of a patch, pill, suppository or injection.
  • During the embryo transfer, a small catheter is inserted into your vagina then uterus. The embryos will then be placed through the catheter and up into the uterus for anticipated implantation.
  • Be prepared for multiple blood tests and ultrasounds to monitor the progress of the cycle, as well as the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.
  • Many times, mandatory bed rest will occur for 1-3 days immediately following the embryo transfer. This varies based on which fertility clinic the intended parents are with.
  • Within 8 to 14 days following the embryo transfer, you will take a pregnancy test at the IVF clinic.

Pregnancy and Delivery

An In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) pregnancy requires different and earlier attention than your past pregnancies.

  • The IVF clinic will closely monitor you for approximately twelve weeks before releasing you to the obstetrician of your choice.
  • Know that there may be a possibility of multiples and if this occurs, you may be required to attend additional office visits, go on bed rest or just be more closely monitored.
  • As this pregnancy is shared with the intended parents, it is crucial to have ongoing communication with them about the developing fetus, your health status, etc.
  • The delivery of this baby is such a memorable time for everyone! In most cases the surrogate, along with her family, share this very exciting and rewarding moment with the intended parents. After delivery and the release of the baby (by its pediatrician), the intended parents leave the hospital as a complete family unit while the surrogate goes home to her own family, satisfied knowing she fulfilled the wishes of a couple or individual.

Shared Conception’s Pledge

Shared Conception pledges to wholeheartedly support you throughout the pregnancy. Our coordinators will expertly act as a liaison between you and the intended parents. We will ensure that any sensitive or difficult subject matters are tactfully brought up and handled. We want you to be informed, fulfilled and satisfied knowing you contributed to the world in a unique and precious way. Interested in becoming a surrogate? Give us a call today or visit to fill out an application request form! We would love to hear from you!