In recent light of the Coronavirus and all the media attention it is receiving, airplane travel while pregnant can cause a bit of a hesitation. Sometimes, air travel is a necessity. Since you’re pregnant and on high alert about your health, we can’t help but draw attention to this concerning and potential health hazard.  Studies have shown how germ-filled airplane seats, seat pockets, seat belts, tray tables and arm rests are. But those who are concerned, can take action with these small steps to make their assigned seats a little less contaminated.

With a few purchases at your local drugstore or through Amazon and a little bit of time to plan ahead, you can have the cleanest seat on the plane.

Disinfecting wipes and how to use them

As soon as you board, take out these wipes! By creating only a minor spectacle, you can wipe down all the hard, nonporous surfaces thoroughly. Remember, the surface has to stay visibly wet and saturated for a short amount of time to receive all of their benefits. There are directions on the package that will tell you the correct amount of time. This is when the wipes do their best germ-killing job. And, don’t forget about that seat belt buckle and arm rests!

Disinfecting the fabric seats

As for the upholstery, the wipes will not work. If you are concerned about that exposure to germs from the seat fabric, there are seat and table tray covers available on Amazon. Or, you can purchase covers for the head rest only. Most planes now have pleather seats, and those can be wiped down with the disinfecting wipe.

Hand Sanitizer

Clean running water and soap is not always readily available, or you just can’t access it because of that darn seat belt light. Having hand sanitizer in your travel bag is always a good idea. You can use it before you eat, after you use the bathroom, or any other time you come in contact with areas you suspect have germs. It will not work on hard surfaces like the tray table, that’s what the disinfecting wipes are for.

Seat pockets

The seat pockets have the highest concentration of germs alive. It’s also where we tend to stash our water bottles and snacks. We haven’t been able to find a disposable liner available for the pocket, so it’s best not to use them. Keep a leak proof water bottle (that you can fill up on the plane or before you board) in your bag for germ-free hydration.

Stay hydrated

An airplane’s cabin can dehydrate you. Depending on how long flight time is, you can easily get dehydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids before your flight, during a long flight and post flight.

Flying isn’t always easy when pregnant. Always make sure to contact your doctor before embarking on any travel plans. Shared Conception pledges to support you throughout your journey and beyond! We ensure that any questions, sensitive or difficult subject matters can be easily handled by Shared Conception. We want our surrogates to be healthy, informed, fulfilled and satisfied knowing they contributed to the world in a unique way. Interested in surrogacy? Give us a call today for a no pressure conversation, or visit www.deliver-a-dream.comto fill out an application request form. We would love to hear from you.