There is so much more acceptance these days about having children through surrogacy than previously. Attitudes towards the surrogacy process have changed throughout the years. More than ever, we hear of surrogacy in the news, on the covers of magazines, and in interviews with celebrities. These instances have helped make surrogacy a more acceptable way of having children. However, there are times when the media portrays surrogacy in a negative light, or just downright incorrectly!

The media has greatly influenced surrogacy; in good and bad ways. When it comes to surrogacy in the news, oftentimes, it is a horrible story shedding a negative light on all involved. It does not mention the thousands of families that have been created through surrogacy, or the happiness in successful surrogacy journeys. Many times, the media focuses on the dangers of surrogacy, which are not only misrepresenting surrogacy but also quite offensive!

  1. Not seeing the beauty in surrogacy

Becoming a gestational carrier is beautiful and selfless. These sentiments are rarely conveyed to the public. Shared Conception has worked with hundreds of selfless women who have given years of their time to help create or extend a family for others. It’s not all about the money. Ask anyone of our surrogates. Many have different but equally beautiful reasons of why they became a surrogate. All will agree that their time as a surrogate was one of the most rewarding experiences in their lives.

  1. Don’t forget about the happy families created through surrogacy

The media focuses on the most outrageous surrogacy stories. Many times, you hear of a crazy surrogacy story that is dramatized in a made-for-TV movie, article, or news segment. There are many more happy stories than unhappy ones.

  1. Heartbreak is often sensationalized

The negativity that is reported is rarely followed up with a successful story. This is a missed opportunity to inform and educate others on the process. Education and research are critical elements in a successful journey. If any agreement; whether for surrogacy or another business contract is written poorly, with little education or research, then such an agreement is prone to cause issues.

  1. Name-calling

Negative terminology such as “breeders” or “womb for rent” has been associated with the surrogacy process. These words cannot be farther from the truth and can be very offensive. All surrogates offer their assistance, and agencies such as Shared Conception, make sure that all our surrogates are educated and informed before the process even begins!

Becoming a surrogate is selfless, beautiful, and rewarding. These words are among many words our surrogates have used to describe their experience with Shared Conception. Begin your surrogacy journey with us. Call us at either our Houston 713-622-1144 or Dallas 214-390-4024 office for more information. Or visit to fill out an information request form!