One of the many reasons women choose to become a surrogate is to help create or build a family. With that – a lot of personal information is to be shared. Your current and past medical history are one of them, but that is expected. Some of our surrogates choose to work with intended parents who align with their beliefs, religion, and other personal preferences. There is no right or wrong regarding your conditions. It is crucial to be comfortable with your intended parents, as you do not want anything to impact the surrogacy arrangement after it begins.


At Shared Conception, we pride ourselves on the level of comfort and compassion provided to our potential surrogates. It is important to feel comfortable telling us what is important to you upfront when being matched. After all, you will be carrying their baby for the next 40 weeks and (most likely) building a lifelong friendship. If you have any concerns, you must let us know, and don’t be afraid to ask.


It is critical to think about anything you feel may impact your application and share them with us. Any past issues will not necessarily prevent you from becoming a surrogate.


The bottom line is that a surrogate enters into a pretty cozy relationship with the intended parent(s). That is why it is critical to be transparent and honest when entering into a surrogacy arrangement.


We are proud of the safe environment we have worked hard to create for our surrogates. Shared Conception will expertly act as a liaison between you and the intended parents. We will ensure that sensitive or complicated subject matters are tactfully brought up and handled. We want you to be informed, fulfilled, and satisfied, knowing you contributed to the world in a unique and precious way. Are you interested in becoming a surrogate? Give us a call today or visit to fill out an application request form! We would love to hear from you!