Have you noticed the abundance of pineapples when researching IVF or Surrogacy? This fruit has become adopted as a symbol of infertility and IVF. There really is no scientific evidence proving that pineapples improve implantation when undergoing IVF, but many believe that they do. Why?


Bromelain is an enzyme naturally found in pineapple juice and core. This is found only in fresh pineapple, not canned. It’s used to reduce inflammation in the uterus and can possibly help with embryo implantation. It’s also believed to be a mild blood thinner, which some believe can aid in implantation too.

You will find those who swear by it, believing it has helped with their IVF – and you will find others that could take it or leave it. Bromelain has a long history of medicinal use. If you would like to give this a try before your IVF procedure, as always, talk to your doctor and remember, include the core. The juice by itself is not believed to contain enough.

Bottom line, if you enjoy eating pineapples, keep on eating them. They can be part of a healthy diet for a woman undergoing IVF. As with anything, eat in moderation. Large amounts of bromelain can cause your uterus to contract and this is not a good environment for an embryo looking to implant itself.

Regardless of its powers (or not), the pineapple remains a symbol of the fertility community for many of our journeys. If not an aid in IVF; it is a symbol of strength for those who need a boost of confidence, hope and strength or just a snack!

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