We all find out find our hand in the candy bowl around this time of year. And that usually isn’t a problem.  Although it is Halloween time, being pregnant does not mean you can gorge yourself on an entire candy bag. A holiday does not change the candy’s nutritional content.

Unless you are diabetic and should be avoiding sugary snacks altogether, gobbling chocolate and candy will cause your blood sugar level to spike and your body can handle the occasional surge. The key here is moderation. Not only does candy contain sugar; the chocolate stuff you can’t get enough of, also contains caffeine.

To help your body process a high amount of sugar, enjoy this cool weather and lovely fall foliage and take a walk to get some exercise and burn off those extra calories. Make sure your diet is full of a variety of flavorful and healthy foods with the occasional treat; in moderation.

There is always the option to put the candy in the freezer right after Halloween. This will keep the temptation out of sight, and therefore, out of mind.

But you can hand out all the candy you like to the neighborhood kids! And for a distraction away from those sweet treats, grab some supplies and create a festive way to hand out those sweet treats!

  • Create packages for the neighborhood kids with small treat bags or tissue paper.
  • Turn lollipops into ghosts with tissues and a tie!
  • Use leftover toilet or paper towel tubes to create mini pinatas
  • Put that printer to work and create your own customized candy labels!
  • Don’t want to open the door? Create a candy wreath on your door with a sign for trick or treaters to “take one.”

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