One of the questions we are asked from our potential surrogate mothers is if they can have sex while she is pregnant. The short answer is yes. But, there are a few conditions. Initially, it is not recommended to have intercourse before and after the embryo transfer. If you are a surrogate with a spouse or partner, you (the surrogate) and her partner are tested for sexually transmitted diseases. And, as long as these tests are negative, sex is allowed in monogamous relationships, married or not.

All the single ladies

Unless it is in your contract, there is no set of defined rules for having sex for our single surrogates. However, it is essential to be monogamous. Your partner should be free from infectious disease as there is a chance that an infection can be transferred to the baby through the mother.

If there are complications

If there are any complications throughout the pregnancy, your doctor may prohibit sexual intercourse for as long as the complication continues and give you the green light when it is safe for surrogate and for baby. Keep in mind, every journey is different and doctors have different views about the limits of sexual activity. So check with your doctor about this topic – and don’t be afraid to ask!

Benefits to sex

There are benefits to having sex while pregnant.

  • You burn calories. Sex is like exercise. The stronger you are, the easier labor can be.
  • Lower blood pressure. Sex can lower your blood pressure and, in turn, decrease the risk of preeclampsia.
  • Better sleep. You can improve your nights’ rest by being sexually active.

Bottom line, in most cases, after a successful IVF transfer, the surrogate can return to regular, monogamous sexual activity. These practices are standard in all surrogate cases. But always check with your doctor about the best course of action. If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a surrogate, give us a call! You can contact us at either our Houston 713-622-1144 or Dallas 214-390-4024 office for more information. Or, visit to get started on an application to become a surrogate.