We have had many inquiries from single moms asking if they would qualify to be a surrogate, even though they are not married or in a committed relationship. The answer is “absolutely!” Even it if seems that all surrogates are married or partnered, this is not a requirement and Shared Conception has worked with many single mom surrogates.

All of our single moms are strong women who are dedicated to their own families and are committed to helping to grow another.

Different Requirements?

As a follow-up to the question about single mom surrogacy, we are often asked if there are different requirements for single surrogates. Surprisingly, most of the requirements are the same. All surrogates are required to have a child of their own, a clean bill of health, financial stability, and the ability to pass a medical and mental health screening.

Dating when a Surrogate.

As we all know, life throws us many twists and turns. Although you may think surrogacy puts dating on hold, life happens! It is still possible to continue dating throughout your journey. We have had quite a few of our single surrogates find their life partners, mid-journey. However, you need to let your doctor know if you choose to become sexually active with someone new. Testing for sexually transmitted diseases protects both you and the baby from contracting something harmful.

If you date during your journey, it is important, to be honest with your partner. If your relationship becomes serious, there may be some additional screening required of them and you. Shared Conception is always willing to discuss any of your concerns before, after, or during your journey.

Superior Support is a Must! 

We all know one of the most difficult jobs in the world is being a mom. Being a single mom is even harder. Carrying a surrogate baby, although selfless, brings on even more responsibility. You will want to make sure you have stellar support from your friends and family. There will be times when you will need to ask for help from your support network, and you will find this vital throughout your journey.

No matter what your relationship status, if you are interested in surrogacy, give Shared Conception a call today. Call us at either our Houston 713-622-1144 or Dallas 214-390-4024 location for more information. Or, visit www.deliveradream.com to get started on an application and to see if you prequalify.