Many women we speak to have an apparent interest in becoming a surrogate. We appreciate every call and email, whether it is “how do I start?” or “I have a few questions…” or “what is the compensation?” Questions are welcomed and encouraged, as you should be familiar with the entire process before making such an excellent, life-altering decision. Don’t be shy; Shared Conception is a no-pressure agency that can help you decide if surrogacy is right for you.

How do I start?

Well, that’s easy. Take a look at our website. Here there is a lot of information that you can process on your own time. We cover our program, what to expect when becoming a surrogate mother, compensation, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions that can answer some of our most popular questions concerning the surrogacy process. Then, if you think surrogacy is right for you, complete our online Surrogate Inquiry Form, and we will reach out to you to answer any other questions.

I have a few questions…

More questions? No problem? We encourage you to reach out to Shared Conception with any questions about a potential journey. We love questions. With over a decade of experience, we most likely have heard it before and have the answer.

What is the compensation?

This is the question most wondered, but few feel comfortable asking. And, please know this is not a selfish question. You are legally entitled to be compensated as a gestational carrier. At the same time, we understand this is a critical aspect of the surrogacy journey. Considering the job and all the hardships of pregnancy, including nausea, a blossoming (and sometimes uncomfortable) belly, doctor appointments and visits, injections, labor, etc. – who would apply for this job for no compensation?

Why not take the next step and open a dialogue with Shared Conception? Give us a call today. We want you to be informed and excited about this beautiful journey. Also, you can visit to begin an application to become a gestational surrogate and find out more information!