There are many ways that surrogacy will change your life. Some reasons are surprising but nevertheless, all are life changing and impactful for everyone involved.

Adding to your family

For some surrogates, it creates an extended family. Although it may seem like a business transaction at times, it ends up meaning so much more. You often end up creating lifelong friends, but you may never understand the impact you have had on them or the gratitude they have for you.

Seeing the other side of the coin

Most women choose to become surrogates because they enjoy pregnancy and their family and feel compelled to help create a family for someone else. Then there are the special few who become a surrogate multiple times because they had such amazing experiences. As a surrogate, you begin to see a glimpse of those who have struggled with infertility. It’s heart breaking but impactful. Women who have never had trouble conceiving, often have a hard time understanding infertility and the struggles, emotions and heartache involved.

Becoming a good communicator and organizer

Surrogacy is all about communication. There are many cogs in the surrogacy wheel. Communication is an important aspect of your journey as a surrogate. You need to communicate with your intended parents as well as your doctors. The way you feel is important, and you need to report on the way you feel quite often throughout your journey. This ensures a successful and smooth surrogacy. Surrogacy also forces you to become well-organized. There are medication schedules, doctors appointments and more. But, you also have to keep your intended parents apprised. This may instill some good habits that will be hard to break even after the birth.

You learn more about your body

There is a lot required of your body when you are a surrogate. By the end of your journey, you feel like an expert in reproductive health. It takes a lot to become pregnant as a surrogate. There are a lot of people, appointments and medicine involved. You begin to become more in tune with your body’s needs and responses. This will automatically force you into healthier habits – and maintain a healthier lifestyle, even after your journey!

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