Before, during, and after surrogacy is a commonly discussed topic. When you begin the surrogacy process and establish your support network, there are many questions from friends, loved ones, and even children to be asked and answered. Usually, questions are welcomed from your close circle because they are people who love and support your chosen journey. Some everyday surrogacy conversations consist of your multiple medical appointments, medications, evaluations, background checks, the “am I really doing this?” phase, meeting your intended parents for the first time, and more.


Your journey becomes an even hotter topic as your belly grows, and you have to decide what to tell a stranger in the grocery store that asks, “when are you due?”, “is it a boy or a girl?” or to say “congratulations!” These questions from strangers get brought back home or immediately discussed with someone who knows your situation. It’s fun, exciting, and even humorous at times. Then, there are the times when you are asked, “How can you give up the baby?” This question, although invasive, is the most common. You will eventually find a comfortable answer that you will be able to recite in your sleep.


The most rewarding aspect is the beautiful experience of labor and delivery when you see the most intimate moment of intended parents holding their child for the first time. Afterward, you get to recover from a long and gratifying journey and start getting into that pre-baby shape! And then you are done, with a sense of joy and meaning, fulfilled and knowing that you gave back in ways that many can or will not.


And we read about this all the time. Many blogs cover journeys. What to expect, what to prepare for, how to do it best, what to do after birth, and more. But, how about years later? On a personal note, I have had two journeys, and as of this year, the children are 5 and 3.


My first family lives out of the country. I still make calls around the holidays and for her birthday. I wish I could see her, but the distance is far too great to make an annual trip. Her parents are wonderful in sending me updates and pictures every now and then. My husband and I genuinely love them and forged a quick and strong connection throughout our journey. I cannot wait for the day that we meet again, as the last time I hugged her she was two weeks old!


I still talk about my first surrogacy with my family. My children will mention it sometimes, and I share pictures of the beautiful growing girl I once carried for 39 weeks. My friends and those who know about my surrogate past will also sometimes ask about her, and I am happy to indulge them, always showing the most recent picture I receive. But these conversations do not happen every day now; they are few and far between. Yet each conversation about her is very special to me and always leaves a smile on my face.


My second journey was entirely different as it was for a local couple. I also had an incredible journey, and the IPs were able to attend almost every appointment, and I even was invited to the baby shower. I carried another girl, and I get to see her a few times a year – and love every minute of it! She calls me “Auntie” and is growing like a weed. We have fun playdates and lunch dates – her smile warms my heart. I share my experience with my close circle of friends and family when asked, “what did you do today?” But this does not happen every day. Only a few times a year.


I leave every conversation or meeting with my surrogate families with that warm and fuzzy feeling. I feel like it was a lifetime ago that I carried these two beautiful babies. I am very proud of what I did and know that I helped build a family, actually, two incredible families. I know surrogacy is not for everyone, but it was for me.


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