One of the many common questions from new surrogates is about using their OBGYN in their journey. After all, our OBGYN is where we ladies feel the most comfortable. Many of our doctors have delivered our biological children. And, there is the sense of safety with our own doctor that brings confidence and security to a pregnancy.
Fertility Clinics, Doctors and Specialists
During your surrogacy journey, you can use your own OBGYN, but not right away. Your OB has to clear you for surrogacy by providing a letter stating you are healthy and able for a pregnancy. After this, you begin a series of medical and psychological evaluations and work with a fertility clinic and reproductive endocrinologist. The clinic is necessary as they carry out tests and bloodwork that your OB cannot provide. The fertility clinic takes over at this point for some time to prepare your body for an IVF (in-vitro fertilization) transfer. This is when the embryo is implanted in your uterus. After a couple of days of rest and a blood test measuring your HCG levels, you will find out if your transfer resulted in a viable pregnancy.  If successful, the clinic and fertility doctor will monitor you throughout your first trimester. At this time, you will continue to have weekly ultrasounds and blood tests at the clinic to make sure all is well with you and the baby. Around your first trimester, if without any concerns or complications, the fertility clinic will release you to your preferred OBGYN. If you don’t have a preferred Obstetrician
It can be about location. Sometimes our surrogates have chosen a different OB to make it easier for the intended parents to attend appointments. But, this is your choice as the surrogate. With the amount of time spent in a doctor’s office, you shouldn’t have to travel too far or be uncomfortable. This will be ironed out in your contract that is signed before the IVF process. It is very important that your preferences are voiced when the contract is being drafted. That is why Shared Conception urges our potential surrogates to become very familiar with their contract and voice all of your requests at this time.
It can be about insurance. Insurance can make things tricky. Sometimes surrogates are able to use their own insurance and remain with their doctor. When this is not possible, the intended parents provide insurance. The surrogate still gets to choose the OBGYN but the OB must be in that insurance plan’s network. Shared Conception knows that choosing a doctor is not as easy as drawing a name out of a hat. That is why we can provide referrals to many Obstetrician doctors and practices that our previous surrogates have been very happy with.
You will never be alone in your journey with Shared Conception. We can hold your hand throughout your journey and be there for as much, or as little as you need. Interested in becoming a surrogate? Give us a call today or visit to fill out an application request form! We would love to hear from you! Want even more information? Call us at either our Houston 713-622-1144 or Dallas 214-390-4024 office for more information.