Historically, multiple pregnancies are not uncommon and are often associated with IVF. With advances in the study of reproductive medicine, the belief that more than one embryo should be transferred has changed. It is no longer recommended by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine to transfer more than one embryo. Single embryo transfers are now advised and recommended, unless there are medical reasons to transfer more than one.

Yet sometimes, intended parents look for a surrogate who is willing to carry multiples for them. Carrying multiples takes a very special lady. It’s a lot more physically demanding for a surrogate. There is a higher chance of being put on bedrest, and most likely, a surrogate carrying multiples will be referred to a high-risk specialist. At the same time, the impact you have on a family and the joy you bring them is priceless. If you are thinking about carrying for a family and want to carry multiples, it is important to learn about the risks, benefits and alternatives of carrying more than one baby.

There are times when a surrogate finds herself carrying multiples, even after a single embryo transfer. Sometimes it is recommended by the doctor to perform selective reduction. This can decrease risk and increase the chance of a successful, full-term pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby.  Choosing selective reduction is a difficult decision for both surrogates and intended parents, but at time, it can possibly be the best decision for the baby and surrogate.

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