Building a family is extremely exciting! If you are considering surrogacy, you have an incredible journey ahead of you. It’s exhilarating, surreal, and wonderful to bring a child into the world for someone else. After being matched, you share this incredible ride with your intended parents.

One of the most common questions you will get throughout your journey is how you feel about giving up the baby. When this question arises, you can educate this person by letting them know that this is not your baby, not even biologically. But as a first-time surrogate, do you know what the end of your journey (after birth) withholds?

Many surrogates will agree that giving birth is the most rewarding part of the entire journey. And after labor, most are left with a fulfilling sense of satisfaction and joy watching the intended parents gush over their tiny newborn.

In the Hospital

Most surrogates stay on the labor and delivery floor with the other newborns and new parents in the hospital. After all, surrogates need the same post-natal care as any other mother. The hospital is an excellent opportunity to have friends and family come and visit you while you recuperate and have a chance to rest and relax before getting back to your children and daily life. As long as it is okay with the intended parents, and it is with most, you can visit your surro baby and take in that newborn smell and cuddles without changing the diapers!


As with any pregnancy, your breasts will be sore, and milk will come in. Prearranged, you will either try every trick in the book to suppress lactation, give it to your surro babe, or donate to a milk bank. Either choice will be what is best for you and your post-baby lifestyle.

Post Hospital

Leaving the hospital is pretty uneventful. Most look forward to sleeping in their bed, recovering at home, being with their own family, and returning to their pre-surrogate lives. You may experience quick changes in hormone levels that can ignite some baby blues. These baby blues are common. If you think that these feelings are intensifying, seek treatment and contact your doctor. Otherwise, surround yourself with support, concentrate on getting back to a healthy lifestyle and focus on the positives!

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