Holidays can stress out a pregnant woman, which is the last thing you need when you’re already tired, swollen, and emotional due to all the hormones battling it out inside of you. But Halloween is really the only holiday with zero stress, which is why it’s the best time of year to be hosting a baby bump. You don’t have to plan, buy, or cook a big elaborate meal. This holiday only involves fun costumes and sugar — and really, aren’t those the best part of any holiday?

Here are our top 3 reasons why Halloween rocks for our surrogates!

  1. You Can Wear Whatever You Want

Sure, those maternity jeans were a good idea in theory. But the minute your belly started growing, anything tight makes you feel less like a maternal goddess and more like a stuffed sausage. Lucky for you, a laid-back look is totally on trend during Halloween season. Not only will no one care if you rock sweats and socks with soccer sandals to work — they’ll compliment you on your clever PJ costume.

  1. One Word: Candy

Women who crave sweets when pregnant and are lucky to have a bun in the oven when Halloween rolls around. It’s like you received the Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory. Grocery stores become abundant with every candy you could possibly dream of. Does the baby prefer nougat or peanut butter? Let’s find out.

  1. Perfect Excuse to Stay in on Halloween

If squeezing into a costume and walking the neighborhood with your children (or someone else’s) sounds like zero fun, blame the bump and stay in. You can pass out candy to all the neighborhood cuties, or sit and enjoy the thrillers that are only on TV around this time each year.

Be careful not to overdose on the sweets! Too much candy for anyone is not good, especially if you are pregnant. If you have any questions relating to your pregnancy health, consult your doctor.

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