Just like the way you were while carrying your own baby, intended parents want to get to know their child, even though you are the one who is carrying. Most of the time, the intended parents attend doctor visits, especially the ones where there are ultrasounds and they can see baby and hear the heart beat! And, most surrogates want the intended parents to be there. Surrogates know how important it is to bond with baby while in utero, so it is helpful that surrogates understand that for the sake of the intended parents.

Besides attending the appointments, there are many other ways for the intended parents to get to know their baby before the little one arrives into the world. There are many devices that allow intended parents to record their voice; either by singing, reading books, or just plain conversation. Surrogates can play the recordings so the baby can hear and get to know his/her parents’ own voices.

Another easy way to keep your intended parents involved is through text and email. Technology is on our side when it comes to easy communication. Trying to keep the intended parents “in the know” means the world to them. It means everything to them when they receive a simple text or email like “lots of loving kicks today” or “she/he is doing great today!” If distance is impeding, don’t forget about video chat.

Of course, there is over-sharing. Remember, you have been through the joys (and not so joyous) moments of pregnancy. So, if you are friends with your IPs on social media (which Shared Conception does not recommend), then keep in mind what you post. In other words, be mindful because an innocent post could easily concern them. This is because posts are easily misconstrued. Shared Conception has a private Facebook group for their surrogates only. This is a safe space to vent with fellow surrogates who will always understand and just plain “get it.”

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