picking intended parents

Out of all the reasons to become a surrogate, helping a couple become parents is one of the most rewarding. For many people, it is often impossible to conceive naturally. When everything fails, surrogacy comes as a ray of hope for such couples.

People who opt for it become intended parents, and the women who become the source of delivery are surrogates. Once a surrogate matches with intended parents, the process of surrogate pregnancy begins, and a poignant relationship takes shape.

A woman who wants to become a surrogate, needs to apply at a surrogacy agency, such as Shared Conception to start her journey. The process that follows, features several milestones, but it is an exceptionally exciting period for all involved.

Let’s take a look at how a surrogate picks the intended parents for the process of surrogate pregnancy below.

The Matching Process

All the surrogate agencies in Texas  are testimony to the poignant happiness and excitement of watching surrogate mothers match with intended parents. However, there are several key factors that play a critical role in the match process of surrogate mothers with intended parents.

Just when the process of surrogate pregnancy and matching is about to begin, it is natural for surrogates and parents to feel nervous and apprehensive. While they have all the reasons to do so, what’s more important is to enjoy every moment of the extraordinary experience.

The surrogacy agencies in Texas, like Shared Conception, do their best to hand-select surrogates and intended parents, so they can be matched with due consideration to all their preferences. For this purpose, they take into account the following considerations.

The prescreening coordinator asks for the preferences of surrogates and matches her criteria based on the following:

  • Considerations of the views of termination and selective reduction
  • The appropriate number of embryos to implant in the surrogate
  • Where the intended parents reside and whether they are locals or foreigners
  • The extent of communication necessary for the entire surrogacy journey

At this point, the surrogates must also take advantage of the opportunity to seek guidance from the experts at the agencies for any questions they may have.

Just as the surrogate mothers have to work closely with the agency to stipulate their preferences and enlist their criteria, the intended parents have to do the same. The agencies take careful notes of the needs, specifications, and criteria of the intended parents. The agencies then match them on the following preferences:

  • The views of the intended parents on termination and selective reduction
  • The total number of embryos the intended parents wish to transfer
  • The preferred location of the surrogates,
  • the level of communication they wish to maintain during the process of surrogate pregnancy and the relationship they want to have after the surrogate gives birth

Essential Criteria for Matching Surrogates and Intended Parents

There are three determining factors in this regard:

1.      Legally Suited

The legal rules for the matching process of surrogates and intended parents vary per state within the U.S. Hence. A surrogate must get assurance from her attorney her home state laws and the laws of the intended parents’ home state complement.

Legal departments must bless a match from a legal standpoint before the team can represent the surrogate’s profile to the intended parents. In case a legal team finds a match between a surrogate and intended parents unsafe legally, they will not allow an agency or surrogate to proceed with the match.

2.      Compatibility between Surrogacy Expectations and Personalities

The matching agencies must then ensure that the personalities of both parties must fit too.

Surrogacy is a life-changing decision and journey for all parties involved, having an understanding and a comfortable relationship is a priority.

The intended parents and surrogates must have either an in-person or virtual meeting to see how they connect with each other and whether they find one another a good match. The agencies also consider the hopes, expectations, and preferences of the intended parents and surrogates.

Based on all these factors. The surrogacy agency determine how appropriately matched they are.

Final Thoughts

Surrogacy is a unique and sensitive journey. For the parties involved, there is a great deal of giving and taking. They must provide compassion, empathy, understanding, and support to reach the mutual desire of bringing a new life into the world.

The process of surrogates picking the intended parents is a long one because the legal and matching authorities must consider several factors.

For any further assistance you may need for your process of surrogate pregnancy, feel free to reach out to us. Shared Conception wants to help you find your perfect match!